• review rating 5  Dr. Vaidya is a wonderful doctor, who has won my confidence and trust in treating my diabetic eye problems. I am so happy to have found such a knowledgeable, competent, and caring Retina Specialist!!!!

    thumb Ken Nodelman

    review rating 5  Dr. Vaidya is an amazing retinal specialist. He is kind, caring and detailed with his diagnosis and with his surgeries. My wife works for Dr. Vaidya several days a week and she has had nothing but good things to say about him. As a husband...it is absolutely essential to me that my wife is treated well. She was not treated well at her previous employer so the last few years with Dr. Vaidya have been a huge blessing. Having my wife come home tired but happy is a HUGE & welcomed change from her old job, where she would often be emotionally distraught & completely exhausted. Dr. Vaidya treats her with respect and kindness like a valued part of the team. It means the world to me because good men, like Dr. Vaidya, who are exceptional at their work and treat people well... are hard to find nowadays. The OC Carpet & Rug Specialist is proud to give Dr. Vaidya & Retina OC our highest recommendation possible!

    thumb Rich Paulin

    review rating 5  Everything was on time! I feel that doctor really cares about patients. Nice receptionists. Deffenetly will recommend this clinic if someone from my friends need to see retina specialist!!!

    thumb Maksim Egorov

    review rating 5  March 13 2015 Seham RAGHEB (PATIENT) The staff was professional and caring they knew the meaning of URGENT,when i asked for the nearest appt. as I was scheduled (abroad by another Doctor) for an injection that was past due,they rescheduled and I had it....I really felt I was important to them. Dr. Vaidya was caring,gave me enough time to discuss my options. I think he is one of a kind.I thank him.

    thumb Seham Ragheb

    review rating 5  Dr. Vaidya is an excellent and caring specialist in the area of Retina diseases. I was under his care for treatment of Wet Retina Degeneration, and I am fortunate that his accurate diagnosis and excellent treatment prevented loss of vision of my diseased eye. Also all associates in the front office and exam room were always considerate, pleasant, and caring...... Thank you all.

    thumb Mahmoud Ahmadi
  •   Went to see Dr.Vaidya, he took the time to answer all my questions today.  He did a great job explaining things to me, I never felt rushed.  He really was very easy to talk with and really took the time to listen.  Very knowledgeable on the eye and I learned alot about my eyes during the visit.  I would highly recommend Dr. Vaidya.  Also the staff was very nice, Broken even took the time to call me back after I asked the Dr. a question before scheduling me in.  Great Experience!

    thumb Clyde S.

      First class experience.
    Friendly staff. Complete and thorough examination. Very nice doctor.

    thumb Mary P.

      Having been shocked to learn of the severity of the problem I was having with my vision, and extent of the diagnosis, it was incredibly reassuring to consult with a doctor so empathetic and caring; and one willing to spend the time providing so comprehensive an explanation as to both Cause and Treatment. At no point in my dealings with Dr. Vaidya have I been made to feel that I am consuming an in ordinate amount of his time; nor the sense that my questions are in any way unjustified. The overall experience I have enjoyed so far with this clinic, at every level, has been exceptional; and it is truly an exemplar of what one hopes to receive as a patient. I very much look forward to the ongoing care and treatment from a practitioner whom I now hold in the highest regard.

    thumb Cliff H.
  •   Everything nice
    Doctor is nice
    Nurses are nice
    But the injection really messed up my arm
    The bruises don't go away after a month now and my arm hurts  horribly bad.
    I won't get any surgical procedures done here.
    I'm just too afraid

    thumb Meee J.

      Dr. Vaidya is all class.  Not only is his office welcoming, inviting, and state-of-the-art, but there is no wait time at all.  He personally walks patients through diagnostic tests, explaining everything along the way.  

    His office is very high tech - he uses ipads at check in!

    He takes his time with everyone and genuinely is concerned about their well-being.

    If you would like a boutique-style experience that few can match, make sure you stop by Dr. Vaidya's ophthalmology/retina practice.

    thumb Ravi M.

      Go to Dr. Vaidya. He is thorough and makes an intelligent assessment of his patients. He patiently listened to my concerns (including the ones I had with my previous doctor) and devised a plan that worked for me the first time. I had terrible allergies but his expertise extends beyond that (something about macula care?). Ask him questions, he'll answer them. Present your concerns, he'll listen and understand them

    Bonus: high-end check-in service and the ability to set up appointments online. All digital = Me like!

    thumb Junaid M.
  •   Both my parents have macular degeneration, and they see Dr.  Vayidya for treatment,

    Dr. Vayidya is knowledgeable, respectful, friendly and kind.

    I sincerely believe we are fortunate that he has set up his practice in Orange County.

    thumb Sean J.

      Great Doctor very organized and uses the latest technology out there. Very in contact with his patients, he is always there if you need him for emergency, He as a great staff working for him . highly recommended. A++++

    thumb Hessam N.

      I had an appointment with Dr. Vaidya here this morning and was so impressed.  The staff is very friendly.  Dr. Vaidya is one of the nicest doctors I have ever been to.  He explained everything he was doing to me step by step.  I never felt rushed because he only schedules one patient at a time.  He listened when I talked and I feel so fortunate that he is here in Orange County.

    thumb Sandy M.
  •   Excellent Doctor and high tech office. The Doctor was thorough and explained things clearly.

    thumb Mari L.

      I really like Dr. Vayidya. He is very thorough and takes the time to explain things to you in layman's terms. I've seen him twice and I think he is a great doctor and it shows that he is an expert in his field. I had been to two other doctors before him who had only partially diagnosed me and didn't really fix the underlying issues. He was able to resolve my main concerns and provided non-steroid, OTC, homeopathic solutions to, hopefully, mitigate my future problems.

    thumb Robyn G.

      I really liked this guy. He listened and had meaningful feedback. Plus he frank yet very  kind.

    thumb kim C.
  •   For years I went to another Orange County Retina doctor.  I felt like a part on an assembly line.  Appointments lasted almost half a day while I waited with continuous dilation to finally see the doctors.  They could have received much more income if they opened a restaurant inside the office.  And the staff was immune to any inquiry about wait times and schedule problems.  Zombies would be a more appropriate term than staff.

    When i finally became disgusted and decided to jump off the assembly line of care I was receiving, I found Dr. Vaidya.  What a difference in terms of treatment and respect.  Get off the assembly line and schedule an appointment.  You will be pleased.

    Dale Marco
    Laguna Niguel

    thumb Dale M.

      Just a really educated and on top of it doctor. He is personal and friendly and allows him to convey everything you need to know.

    thumb Johann O.

      Over the past month I have been in and out of eye doctors' offices regarding a vision loss in my eye. Very scary as well as frustrating.
    Dr. Vaidya and his staff are AMAZING. I called them on a Friday before a holiday weekend and they immediately assured me they would work me in.
    Once there, Dr. Vaidya took his time explaining what he believe the issue w/my eye is, however even told me he wanted to consult with a specialist before providing treatment. He took the time to contact the specialist and while she was not able to get me in that day, he gave her my info and told me to call her on that following Tuesday and she would work me in. Since I was leaving his office still unsure of next steps, he was very reassuring that things would be ok and that everything would get figured out.
    I find it refreshing that a doctor would take so much time and care with a first time patient. As well as to admit he wanted someone else to look at it to ensure no further inaccurate prognosis.
    My experience was exceptional and look forward to working further with him.He is the best of the best as is his staff.

    thumb Amber B.
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